Crate Training a Puppy Online

Before I get into further detail about potty training your puppy will need a dog bed in order to brgin he’s training. I must say that in my opinion, crate training is one of the most effective and fastest ways to potty train your puppy. Some may disagree while others may see the same thing that I am seeing, which are positive results. Now for the first section of this I will only be going over what kind of crate that you should get for you puppy, and when it is that you should be putting them in the crate.


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This is not going to work over night, and there is really no way to potty train your puppy over night (that I know of). So with that being said your puppy IS going to go to the bathroom inside of the house. They are going to poop and they are going to pee in the house, and if you want to know what you should, is just take them outside. If you happen to catch them in the act, just a quick stern “no” will do just fine, this will get their attention and get them to stop for the moment, then just take them outside, when they finish going to the bathroom, you can proceed to reward them. I have already gone over the bad types of punishment such as whacking the puppy with the newspaper or something similar and cruel to that, just don’t do it, all you are going to do is make the puppy a scared puppy, and they are not going to learn anything.

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You are going to want to purchase a crate that is only a couple times larger than your puppy. You do not want to get something where they will be able to move around a lot in. If you have a dog that has a lot of growing to do, then you may want to block off sections of the crate, this is very important. Now this may sound cruel but it is a very effective way to teach the puppy not pee whenever they want to. See it is there natural instinct to not go to the bathroom where they sleep and eat at. Sleep. That is when your puppy is mostly going to be inside of the crate, at night time.

Make a Crate Training Schedule

Some vets will recommend that you wake up at certain points of the night when you puppy is young, such as under 3 months, to take them out to go to the bathroom. Now you may not want to do this, but if you keep the puppy in the crate, they are going to constantly whine at night anyway until you let them out, but if you take charge and be a pack leader, and take them out to pee say at midnight, and 4-5 am, then they will know when it is going to be time to go the bathroom. If you just run and let them out to go pee whenever they are whining at night, then they are going to walk all over you and you are never going to get any sleep.

If you stick to your schedule and get the puppy on a nighttime bathroom schedule, you will see that they are going to quickly catch on and in as little as a month will be sleeping throughout the night silently. If you are leaving the house for a couple hours, then is another time that you should put them in their crate, and this goes the same for adult dogs as well. This way you know that they are not going to go to the bathroom when you are not home and they are also not going to chew up anything that they are not supposed too.

The crate is a dogs safe haven, it is their main home. I have my dog so well trained that when I leave the house for a little while, the dog will go straight to the crate, I do not have to close the gate or nothing, and he will not leave the crate until I return home.